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December 21, 2021 in Lifestyle, Plant-care

How to water Tillansias

Best water is Rain Water, it has natural nitrogen in them, yet soft without chlorines. Secondly is tap water, but let the water sit in the sun for a day before watering the plant. In this way is to set the chlorines out of the water. Else you can let the boiled water cool down, and use them as when they are in room temperature.

The best way to water air plants (Tillandsia) is to submerge them in water.

First, fill a sink or bowl with room-temperature water, deep enough to completely submerge each air plant. Let your plants soak for 30 minutes. After removing your plants from water, gently shake off excess water, especially at the centre of the plant, any water remains at the center causes rotting. Set each air plant upside down on a clean cloth or paper towel to drain for an hour or two, purpose is to let them dry off completely.

Any moisture pooling at the base of the leaves may cause rot, so this drying step is critical to prevent from rotting. South Africa generally dry, no much of humidity in the air, soaking air plant in water becomes important to get their leaves retain enough water to keep them moisturise, yet they didn’t like too regularly between each watering time. Generally soak them 30 min every 5 days in Cape Town during dry seasons. And once a week for wet seasons. Most way to check up on them is to look close at the leaves, if the edges of the leaf curls inward of its length meaning they have used up their moisture in the leaf. If it gets too hot and dry, you able to see they shirked dry, and whole plant will feel limp.

If we imagine the environment of the space will be like in a high ventilated place, in a temperature change of the day and night shift, with moist natural provided by the eco system between plants. With the filtered light through leaves of the trees. This is how they want the environment to be in.

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