About evok innovation

Wayne Huang

Founder of evok

Evok was Evoke, the meaning of it is "Reviving" Rise from the ashes. I grow up in a beautiful city Cape Town South Africa. Had really challenging and fun work in Johannesburg as a product designer & developer in 2009 ~ 2015, 6 years with Marvellous Orchid. After a year of easing my life back to Cape Town, I started evok innovation. I still have this passion with plant designs and development, it takes lives and natural beauty into our lifestyles. Ideas pops in, and created Air bonsai. Floating plantings in homes.

And really believes "Caring for plants" does open ones heart/love to approach future. Because it take "observations", "empathy","nurturing", "willingness" to care for a living organism. Same time it started from "With-in".

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